Tips for Using Refrigerated Trucks in Summer

Tips for Using Refrigerated Trucks in Summer

In Summer, the Refrigerated trucks will be even more useful. Because Summers always with high temperance. And 2022 Summer is coming around the corner. In order to keep the refrigerated trucks from being damaged by hot temperatures, the maintenance of refrigerated trucks is more and more important.


Here we summarize some tips for transport refrigeration units and refrigerated truck maintenance for your reference.

Tips for Using Refrigerated Trucks in Summer

The refrigeration unit is an important part of refrigerated trucks and vans. It will control the box inside temperature as the demands of goods. To keep the goods be freeze or chill as its requirements.

1, Left some space between pallets or goods when loading goods.

When you left some room when you load goods, it will be better for air circulation. Also, don’t forget to turn off the refrigeration units when loading.

2, Operate the refrigeration units truck, or vans under the operation manual.

Follow the operation manual to reduce many failures. Also, if you are not a technician or manufacturer, please do not change equipment parameters.

3, Please don’t forget to maintain the refrigeration units.

Maintaining is very important. And check your equipment in time. Check the stability of the refrigeration system, and adjust the compressor bracket and belts. Change the filter driers when it is needed.

4, Operate your refrigeration unit for 10-20 minutes every 2 weeks.

If you don’t use your refrigeration unit for several months, we suggest you run your refrigeration unit for 10-20 minutes every 2 weeks.

5, Parking your refrigerated truck in water-proofing, sun-proof and damp-proof.

When you park your vans or trucks, please choose the better place to park. Especially for long-time parking.

6, Keep your refrigerated truck clean and tidy without damage.

Check the vehicle carefully to make sure the box and chassis are well connected and ensure delivery security.


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