The selection of refrigerated units for refrigerated trucks

The main components of a refrigerated truck: truck chassis, boxcar, and refrigerated unit.

Let’s talk about how to choose a refrigerated unit:

1, As the major part of the refrigerated trucks, the refrigerated unit plays an important role. Due to the limited boxcar space, the technical requirement for temperature control is strict.

2, It is said that you get what you pay for, and the price of imported refrigerated units is expensive. Like Thermo King, Carrier refrigerated units, the cheapest new ones cost a lot. In contrast, Snewang refrigerated units are of lower prices, and of course, good qualities. Snewang refrigerated unit is a good choice for users who care more about the price.

3, From the perspective of the power source of the refrigerated units, they are can be divided into independent and non-independent units. The independent unit itself has a diesel engine for power supply, and the power of the non-independent unit is supplied from the engine of the truck. Snewang has both refrigerated units for choosing.

4, On the other hand, the cost is a great difference between non-independent refrigerated units and stand-alone refrigerated units. If the budget is relatively sufficient, and the required temperature in the cabin is relatively low (at least minus 10 degrees below), the independent refrigerated unit is a better choice.

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