Select a refrigeration unit for your van

A refrigerated van will be like a refrigerator. It will help you to transport items that need to stay at a certain temperature. You need to stay items cold and keep them fresh, like vegetables, fruits, and meats.

The Refrigerated unit work in the same way that household refrigerators, use an insulated compartment to absorb heat and dissolve that heat outside the compartment to ensure the inside contents stay cool.

How do Refrigeration Vans work?

Each refrigerated van has a condenser, this is designed to condense hot gas into a liquid while the rest of the heat is dissolved into the atmosphere. and also every refrigerated van has an evaporator, which is similar to the condenser in appearance. The liquid enters the evaporator through a valve and then is evaporated at a low temperature as all heat is absorbed. Fans circulate air inside the space where the goods are, in order to keep the temperature regulated and cool. The gas produced from this returns to the compressor. The center of the system is the compressor.

So if you want to transport the items that need to keep in cold and fresh, your Vans should install the refrigeration unit.

So how do choose the right refrigeration unit?

  • Make sure the type of your van.

Yes, you need to know your van type, The power is conventional fuel or new energy.

  • Check your Van’s engine brand, horsepower, and displacement
  • Check your van’s volume, or length, width, and height of the van box.

Different volumes should install the different models of the refrigeration unit. We Snewang has the refrigeration units for trucks and vans from 3 m³ -58 m³ for conventional fuel trucks and from 3 m³ -22 m³ for new energy vans

  • Check the truck or van’s Low voltage, to check they are 12v or 24v.
  • Also, the refrigeration unit can be installed by rooftop-mounted, top-mounted and etc.

So if you want to choose the place to install, you need to make sure that place has the room to install.

That’s all, if you still have questions about how to select the right refrigerated unit for your van, welcome to leave a message below or contact us by email:

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