Classification Standard for refrigerated vehicle

Classification Standard of Type A, B, C, D, E, F

一:Reference to the Road Transport Legislation and Food Safety rules, refrigerated trunks are classified into six stages from A to F. For shipping perishable food, when the ambient temperature is at 30℃, refrigerated trunks are divided into the following six categories according to the range of the average temperature inside the container.

Average temperature range inside the container:

Type A: 12℃~ -0℃
Type B: 12℃~ -10℃
Type C: 12℃~ -20℃
Type D: ≤ 0℃
Type E: ≤ -10℃
Type F: ≤ -20℃

The above is the classification of refrigerated trunks for shipping perishable food.

二:Classification Standard of Type G, H

The refrigerated trunks for shipping biological products are classified into two categories below:

Type G: 8℃~ -2℃
Type H: ≤ -20℃

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