How does the Truck Refrigeration Unit work?

As we all know, the truck refrigeration unit is driven by the engine, to drive the compressor for refrigeration and defrosting. According to the user’s needs, the compressor, driven by the motor, could be selected to operate for refrigeration and defrosting (referred as the backup power device). However, how much do you know about the truck refrigeration unit cycle?


The basic cycle principle:

Use of liquid evaporation to absorb heat from the surrounding environment. The increased pressure and forced cooling causes the truck refrigeration unit to convert the gas into a liquid and release heat. The high-pressure liquid rapidly expands, decompresses, vaporizes, and absorbs heat through small holes. Eventually a refrigeration cycle of the truck refrigeration unit forms.

How does the Truck Refrigeration Unit work

Four main components:


The compressor is the power of the refrigeration cycle. It is driven by the engine to rotate continuously. In addition to extracting the vapor in the evaporator in time to maintain low temperature and low pressure, it also increases the pressure and temperature of the the truck refrigeration unit vapor through compression, creating The conditions under which the heat of the refrigerant vapor is transferred to the external ambient medium.


The condenser is a heat exchange device that uses the ambient cooling medium (air or water) to take away the heat of the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigeration vapor from the cold compressor to cool and condense the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant.

Expansion valve:

The high-pressure and normal-temperature refrigerant liquid is directly sent to the low-temperature scale evaporator. According to the corresponding principle of saturation pressure and saturation temperature, the pressure of the refrigerant liquid is reduced, thereby reducing the temperature of the the truck refrigeration unit liquid.


The evaporator is also a heat exchange device. The throttling low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant liquid evaporates (boiling) into vapor in it, absorbs the heat of the cooled material, reduces the temperature of the material, and achieves the purpose of freezing and refrigerating food. In the air conditioner, the surrounding air is cooled to achieve the effect of cooling and dehumidifying the air.


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