Delivery reefer vans for seafood distribution

Delivery “reefer vans for seafood distribution will solve the seafood logistical in the city.

Logistical is a big problem for seafood. It is not easy for the distributor to make deliveries to customers across the state. Especially for distributors of lobster and stone crab. They need to ship their Seafood quickly and efficiently.

Why Need Reefer Vans?

And for the new customers, the first-time orders are small, test orders. And lots of these customers are coming from restaurants or retailers located in Urban. If you have a bigger truck, you have been restricted in how you count make deliveries. Because lots of restaurants are located in the middle of the cities. Maybe will have tight spaces. Small refrigerated unit Vans can get into these tight spaces.

And for seafood distributors, the main focus will be the seafood. not the intricacies of delivery. And city delivery with a small truck will be better.

The refrigerated Unit vans can do a lot. Such as temperature control, isolation of products. Different Vans ship different kinds of seafood. These are the larger trucks can’t do.

Yes, really the vans have been great for business. You can wrap your van with some advertisements for your business. When driving this van in the city, lots of people will see this ad, and people wanting to buy seafood will see it out on the road, maybe will call you.

So the Reefer Vans will help them. The van can be installed with refrigerated Units. It will keep the temperature during shipping.

We Snewang has some refrigerated units for your different vans. Roof-top mounted or front-mounted. Help you to control the temperature from -18℃ to +15℃.

Delivery reefer vans for seafood distribution

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