SR-600 Truck Refrigeration Unit

SR-600 Truck Refrigeration Unit is suitable for medium-sized refrigerated trucks. We Snewang as one of the providers of the truck refrigeration units, SR-600 refrigeration units were eye-catching and received good positive.

SR-600 Truck Refrigeration Unit

This truck is 4.8 meters long, so it is a medium and large light truck. So it has higher requirements for truck refrigeration units. In order to meet this, we recommend the SR-600 truck refrigeration unit. It will help the truck ensure cooling performance in hot seasons.


SR-600 Truck refrigeration unit is suitable for a box size of 20~25m³. It has a strong cooling power that can meet the different temperatures required from customers.

The reasonably evaporator design will take up less box space. The digital control panel is convenient for the drivers to control and monitor the temperature of the box.

Features of Model SR-600 fish/Meat/Seafood truck refrigeration units for sale

1. Exclusive Design for Refrigerated Truck Body Up to 20~25m³ to Keep Frozen;
2. Stream Line Design to Apply All Kinds of Truck Body;
3. Big Cooling Capacity & Reliable Performance to Stand Against Hot & Dusty Climatic Condition;
4. Easy Installation & Operation;
5. Environment Friendly.

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