ESR300 Small Van Refrigeration Units

ESR300 Small Van Refrigeration Units for 6~10m³is very common in cold chain transportation. On the highway or city road, we often see medium and large refrigerated trucks and vans. So the importance of refrigerated trucks and vans is becoming more and more obvious.

But if you want to use these vans in the city, the van with small van refrigeration units has more advantages. For city transportation, usually with the short urban distance, it will be light and fast. And in city driving, there are many roads for you to choose from, it will easy to complete the task of distribution.

So Snewang Small van refrigeration units ESR300, application on 6-10 cubic meters van box size. will be your best choice for city goods delivery.

ESR300 Small Van Refrigeration Units

And our ESR300 refrigeration units with many advantages as below:

  1. Quick and Easy installation, less maintenance.
  2. Condenser and Evaporator with a durable and elegant fiberglass shell
  3. High capacity with big coils and large airflow volume, with less noisy
  4. Digital and Multi-Functional control panel, easy to operate.

durable and elegant fiberglass shell Condenser and Evaporator.png

Snewang also supplies ESR350/ESR400/ESR500 roop-top van refrigeration units for different sizes of trucks and vans. Will suitable for 8-20m³ small, and medium reefer van box size. All of them are with high quality and big coils condenser and evaporator for big airflow.


We welcome distributors to reseller our refrigerated units in your local market. Please feel free to contact us for details:

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