Refrigerated Unit for Truck&Van-Meat and Poultry

Transporting fresh meat products or Transporting processed meat products, Snewang always offers Refrigeration Transporting Meat and Poultry Solution. Make sure temperature & humidity fresh as original condition, our snewang refrigerated unit for truck&van make it happen flawly.

Insure Food Safety
Snewang, as the Leader in the flexible supply chain of temperature control systems. The precise digital temperature control of our refrigerated unit for truck&van ensures food safety during transport for Meat and Poultry industry.

Support High Roof & Cargo Capacity
Snewang refrigerated unit for truck&van supports a range of lengths and heights to match your truck and van, from a box dimensions of 96”W and 96”H on trucks 10’ and over in length, specially volume between 3m³ and 20m³

Maintain Frozen Temperature
When you need to keep your cargo ice cold or fresh, our refrigerated unit for truck&van solutions can help there too. Fresh or Frozen, always will keep your meat products at the right temperatures(-18°C OR -23°C CONSTANT TEMPERATURE or 4°C CONSTANT TEMPERATURE)

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