Snewang ESR400 new energy refrigerating unit

General content:

,Mr. Wan the manager from Zhongyuan New Energy Automobile City of Sinotruk, Xinzheng, Zhengzhou  knew our company from one of his friends.  His friend highly affirmed our company’s refrigerating units and was very satisfied with the units effect and after-sales service, and recommended Mr. Wan to choose our company’s refrigerating units.

Through further learning, Mr. Wan decisively put forward the demand for 10 ESR400 units to our company. As soon as the order was placed, our company immediately arranged the production.  10 refrigerating units had been installed, 6 of which are shown in the picture, and the other 4 have been put into the market and started trial operation.

Mr. Wan said that if the effect was good when the trial operation was over, they  would have more in-depth cooperation with our company.  we have enough confidence in our products.

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