ESR300 Truck Refrigeration For new energy

ESR300 Truck Refrigeration System For new energy vehicles. There are more and more new energy refrigerated vehicles now, and new energy vehicles are becoming more and more popular

Snewang ESR300 refrigeration unit is used for deep-frozen and keeping the fresh light truck. With the temperature-controlled from -18 ℃ to 30 ℃, that satisfied with all kinds of foods that need to be fresh or frozen transport demands. It is usually applied for 3-5 m³ light truck and van truck boxes. And ESR300 is the right refrigeration unit for New energy Truck.

Recently this unit of ESR300 light truck refrigeration units was installed for the light truck Ruichi EC31 and EC71, which get our customers highly praised for the ESR300 units working performance.


And this ESR300 unit is specially developed and designed for Ruichi customers.

The Evaporation fan and condensate fan are produced by well-known brands in China, with high quality, Large cooling capacity, and fast cooling speed! Also, Snewang truck refrigeration unit prices are very competitive compared with other brands on the market, which is most of relying on the refrigeration unit brand and manufacturer to offer a good price.


Install ESR300 refrigeration unit


This ESR300 refrigeration unit has lots of features:

1, Fans from famous domestic brands, reliable quality;

2, Danvers expansion valve, filter dryer, solenoid valve, reliable;

3, Turbine compressor, working almost no noise, minimal vibration, bring better user experience;

4, The whole machine low energy consumption, reduce power consumption to ensure a longer vehicle range;

5, Glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, a molding, beautiful and generous.



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