How to maintain your refrigerated truck?

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the emphasis on food safety, there is a huge market space for the development of refrigerated truck. however, how much do you know about maintaining your refrigerated truck?

Before loading the goods, pre-cooling of the goods and the cold storage

The refrigerated truck is intended to be transported while maintaining the temperature of the loaded cargo. It is not possible to lower the temperature of the goods or freeze them in the truck or vans. If the temperature of the load or the cold storage is very high, it is difficult to bring it down to the required temperature. Therefore, pre-cool the cargo and the inside of the cold storage to the transport temperature of the refrigerated truck in question.

Make the air-conditioning circulate smoothly between the goods

In order to keep the temperature in the cold storage at a uniform temperature,  Take care of the stacking of goods. In particular, the goods cannot be stacked on the roof of the refrigerated truck or stacked on the air outlet or air inlet of the air conditioner.

Moving quickly in and out of goods

When you opened the door of the cold storage, the entry of external air will cause the temperature rise. Please move in and out of goods as soon as possible. In addition, please stop the operation of the refrigeration unit when carrying goods.

Especially when loading vegetables and fruits

Because vegetables and fruits will generate breathing heat, if the circulation of air-conditioning is not good, the temperature of the central part of the compartment of the refrigerated truck will rise, thus affecting the quality of the goods. In addition, the upper cargo close to the air-conditioning outlet may cause frostbite due to the air-conditioning, so please cover it with a cover cloth in advance to protect it.

Keep the cold storage clean and hygienic and clean the refrigerated truck regularly

Refrigerated trucks must be clean when transporting food. If salt, fat, etc. adhere to the sealing strip of the inner wall or door, it is not only unsanitary, but also corrodes the carriage and shortens the life of the refrigerated truck.

Cleaning the compartment of the refrigerated truck has two functions: On the one hand,  to maintain the sanitation of the interior of the compartment and prevent the occurrence of strange smells in the compartment. The refrigerated truck is a bit like a refrigerator. If you do not do cleaning, it is easy to have a strange smell. Refrigerated trucks are often loaded with different goods, especially fish, meat, etc. It is best to clean the compartment after each delivery of goods. On the other hand, to prevent the evaporator fan of the refrigeration unit from sucking impurities into the evaporator coil, thereby reducing the cooling effect of the refrigeration unit.


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