The refrigeration unit for the cargo van

The refrigeration unit for the cargo van is very popular. A refrigerated truck or van is a commercial vehicle. It is used to transport temperature-sensitive goods like meat, vegetables, flowers, and other foods. It has the ability to control the temperature of its cargo to preserve the cargo and protects it from deterioration.

If your business requires to move temperature-sensitive products on a regular basis, you should consider buying a refrigerated vehicle or installing your truck or van with the refrigerated units. But before this, you should know something about refrigerated units and trucks.

1. Cost – Refrigerated Trucks are Expensive to Operate and Maintain

Yes, the Refrigerated Trucks are expensive. These trucks are more complex than the normal box truck. It is installed with the refrigerated units. We Snewang are selling refrigerated units for different trucks and vans. And our units can suitable for the box size from 3`58m³.

So if you have the trucks or vans, you only need to install the refrigerated units.  Finding the right size for your vehicles will be easier and cheaper than ordering refrigerated trucks.

2, More Attention – Refrigerated Trucks need to be monitored during Operation

Refrigerated Trucks and Vans need consistent, proper maintenance. You need to monitor during loading and unloading of cargo. Also, you need to record the air and cargo temperature to prevent the goods from getting damaged.

And in order to prevent unpleasant odors and premature damage to your truck. Cleaning is a must thing, especially after hauling food.

3, Long Distance Transportation

For long-distance transport with refrigerated units, you also need to consider the power. Even if the truck is no longer traveling on the road, you also need to keep running to make sure your food. So before buying a refrigerated van or truck, you should consider if the truck with the extra power to keep running the refrigerator.

If you have trucks and vans and want to install the refrigerated units. You can contact Snewang. We will offer the refrigeration unit for the cargo van. And We will help you to choose the right model for your truck and vans.



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