What is the Proper Temperature for a Refrigerated Delivery Truck?

What is the appropriate temperature for the refrigerated truck? This is a very important question. When using a transport refrigeration system, correct temperature control can ensure the quality and safety of the product. If the temperature is too high, the food perishes easily. If the temperature is too low, the food is easy to freeze. So let’s look at the proper temperature that should be set.

Before you turn on the transport refrigeration, please do the first thing that pre cool the truck. Please refer to the following temperature setting for different foods. SNEWANG transport frozen units can meet all the temperature controlled demands from deep frozen -30℃ to fresh or chill +25℃.

Frozen Products Transport

-25°C Ice and ice cream
-18°C Deep frozen foods
-18°C Fishery products
-14°C Butter and edible fats, including cream to be used for butter making
-12°C Egg products, offal, rabbit, poultry and game
-10°C Meat

Freezer units for trucks for -30℃ to +25℃ temperature controlled delivery
Freezer units for trucks for -30℃ to +25℃ temperature controlled delivery


Fresh Products Transport

+2°C Fresh fish (in ice), crustaceans and shellfish (excluding live ones)
+3°C Cooked dishes and prepared foods, pastry creams, fresh pastries, sweet dishes and egg products
+3°C Meat and cooked meats pre-packaged for consumer use
+3°C Offal
+3°C Poultry, rabbit and game
+4°C Non-sterilized, untreated, unpasteurized or fermented milk, fresh cream, cottage cheese and curd
+6°C Milk for industrial processing
+6°C Cooked meats other than those which have been salted, smoked, dried or steri-lized
+6°C Chilled eggs in their shells
+6°C Butter, soft or blue cheeses
+7°C Meat
+4/6°C Fresh fruit and vegetables
+4/6°C Flowers
+7/8°C Bulbs
+10°C Non-stabilized animal fats other than butter
+10°C Pressed or cooked cheeses

Truck and Van chiller system for fresh products delivery
Truck and Van chiller system for fresh products delivery


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