How To Choose A Right Refrigeration Unit?

How To Choose A Right Transport Refrigeration Unit?

Now the refrigeration units with a rapid growth because of the development of refrigerated vehicles. But facing lots of products on the market, how should we choose a suitable refrigerated unit?

AS one of the top leading transport refrigeration unit manufacturers in China, here we Snewang would like to advice some points as follows.


1, What are the transport refrigeration Units?

The transport refrigeration unit is an equipment application on vans and trucks. It will keep the goods fresh or frozen during delivery. And usually, the refrigeration unit includes a condenser, evaporator, compressor, controller, wires, and other parts.

2, How many kinds of refrigeration units?

By mounting mode, there has front-mounted, roof-top mounted, and bottom-mounted.

By Temperature, there has a frozen and fresh refrigeration unit.

By power, there has Fuel oil vehicles and new energy vehicles

By structure: split and mono-block

3, How many points need to consider for the refrigeration unit?

A, Your vehicle box and the temperature you require.

If you want to deliver the frozen goods, you need to choose a temperature below 0℃.  Usually, a frozen refrigeration unit will be a good choice. But if you want to deliver fresh fruit and vegetables, you need to choose a fresh refrigeration unit.

Snewang refrigeration Units can control the temperature around -18℃~+15℃. So choose Snewang, you can not only deliver the frozen goods but also deliver the fresh goods.

B, power.

You need to check your vehicle’s power, it is fuel oil or a new energy vehicle.

C, Your local weather.

This is a very important point you need to consider. If you are local with a climate with high temperature, high ambient, and humidity, you need to consider a bigger refrigeration unit.


Snewang, as one of the professional transport refrigeration units manufactures, with different kinds of refrigeration units, to meet different requirements. We also supply professional advice and the best after-sale service for customers.

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