Refrigerated Unit for Truck&Van-Seafood and Fish

Refrigerated Unit for Truck&Van in Seafood and Fish industry, is an essential link in cold chains, which aims to supply consumers with safe and fresh products. SNEWANG Refrigerated Unit for Truck&Van, enables seafood and fish products transported long distances in a temperature-controlled environment, which helps to maintain high quality, prevents or slow down spoilage, loss and waste.

Key factors of “spoilage, loss and waste” include:  

  1. Lack of temperature control. and wrong temperature-setting may lead to foodstuffs being heated.
  2. Maintain the temperature of already cooled products by mistake , not as required
  3. Poor air circulation.

Temperature control maintenance throughout the chain is very essential for success.

1.Chilled or Fresh seafood and fish products: The temperature of Refrigerated Unit for Truck&Van-Seafood and Fish, must be as close as possible to 0 °C(not above 4°C), and no frozen.

Fish should be refrigerated with a medium such as flake ice when transporting. Besides, the humidity is relatively high, and the refrigerator must have a defrost function. It can prevent the air outlet from freezing and affect the cooling effect.

2.Frozen foods of Refrigerated Unit for Truck&Van-Seafood and Fish: there will be maintained as –18ºC, but no lower limit.

After thawing, it needs to be re-tested for quality before it can be sold. During transportation, the temperature monitoring data should be backed up. Can be exported as a file file. for inspection by the recipient.


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