Welcome to visit our Snewang

In the current epidemic prevention and control, a wave of customers visited SneWang auto air conditioner!

In late March, the domestic epidemic situation has been effectively controlled, and all walks of life have gradually returned to normal under the premise of comprehensive prevention and control measures.

Recently, with its high-quality car air conditioners, strong company qualifications and credibility, good industry development prospects, a large-scale production park, and good customer reputation, SneWang has ushered in a number of customers for visits and inspections.

Manager Zhang also gave a detailed introduction to SneWang’s brand development process, different selling points of differentiated products, and technical improvements, so that customers have a more comprehensive and professional understanding of the Park Hua technology brand. The visiting customers also left a deep impression on the harmonious working atmosphere of Park Hua Technology and the hard-working employees.

Welcome to visit our Snewang, know more about our products like refrigerated units for vans and trucks, also with the bus Air Conditioners.

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