ESR400 pure electric refrigeration unit

ESR400 electric refrigeration unit is the hot sale model. It is suitable for pure electric truck refrigerated vehicles. With the front-mounted condenser, large in cooling capacity, safe and reliable.

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (“Geely”) is a famous Vehicle manufacturer, in China, the demand for their New energy pure electric vehicles is increasing in the market.

As the leading enterprise of new energy refrigeration units. We are happy to provide good products and high-quality service.

ESR400 electric refrigeration unit introduction

ESR400 is a newly designed unit for the transportation of fresh or frozen goods in medium-size delivery vehicles with box volumes of up to 20m³.

Supercooling capacity promises the safety of the transporting.

Lightweight, easy to install, and easy to do maintenance are the important features of the ESR400 series refrigeration unit. The ESR400 unit is suitable for new energy pure electric Vans. It will keep the van’s box from -18℃ to 15 ℃.

Now this model ESR400 as one of the hot sale models has already exported to lots of countries, also get the highly praised and earn the good reputation in the local areas.

ESR400 electric refrigeration unit used in Geely electric vans

The picture as shown is that our ESR400 new energy pure electric refrigeration unit is used in one of the Geely new energy pure electric vans. The cooling effect is perfect,in a short time, The temperature fell to 18 degrees below zero soon.

Snewang ESR400 pure electric refrigeration unit
Snewang ESR400 pure electric refrigeration unit

If you want to know more about this ESR400 electric refrigeration unit or want to know more truck box size and model. Please feel free to contact Snewang. We hope we can have a bright future with our partners together.

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