Temperature Setting of Cold Chain Transport

Truck Refrigeration Units Mainly Applies To Cold Chain Transport

The “cold chain” is a system of transporting and storing perishable foodstuff within a recommended temperature ranges of -30°C to +30 degrees Celsius (-22°F to 86°F) according to your transport food requirement, and the truck / van refrigeration units is mainly used for controlling the cold chain temperature.

Approval of Refrigerated Transport Vehicles Which Used for Carriage of Perishable Goods in Cold Chain

In general, the refrigeration units is the key equipment of refrigerated transport vehicle. And the refrigerated vehicle mainly used for carriage of perishable goods in cold chain industry. Before putting it into use, the refrigerated transport vehicle must be approved by the regional health authorities.

Characteristics of Refrigerated Vehicles Used for Carrying Perishable Goods in Cold Chain

Truck refrigerated units is an independent cooling system, it is also the important tool in cold chain transportation. when the average outside temperature are more than + 30 ℃during cold chain transport, the truck refrigeration units make it is possible to lower the temperature inside the empty truck body and to maintain this low temperature as follows:

transport refrigeration units

Class A: Refrigerated truck equipped with a cooling system allowing the selection of temperatures between +12°C and 0°C inclusive.

Class B: Refrigerated transport truck equipped with a transport refrigeration units allowing the selection of temperatures between +12°C and -10°C inclusive.

Class C: Refrigerated van equipped with a refrigeration units and this cooling system allowing the selection of temperatures between +12°C and -20°C inclusive.

The cooling capacity of a van / truck refrigeration unit is determined by a test carried out in one of the registered testing centers and certified by an official report. (Test results are valid for 6 years.)

Without Prior Chilling in Cold Chain

Temperature setting range in cold chain

+4 to 6°C (39.2°F to 42.8°F) Fresh fruit and vegetables; flowers
+7 to 8°C (44.6°Fto46.4 °F) Bulbs
+10°C ( 50 °F) Non-stabilized animal fats other than butter; Pressed or cooked cheeses.

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