The Importance of Cold Chain Logistics

The Importance of Cold Chain Logistics

Refrigerated storage units Applications are wide. You may check your nearby grocery. There are so many foods that need to be refrigerated like Ice cream, and meat. And some products like flowers need to be kept fresh.

How does all of that get to a grocery store? And how to keep these products during transportation? That’s where cold chain logistics comes in!

So what is cold chain logistics?

Cold chain logistics, also commonly referred to as cool chain logistics or chill chain logistics, is a temperature-controlled supply chain. In short, it’s a transportation chain that maintains freight at an agreed-upon temperature throughout the logistics process.

That means storage, distribution, equipment being used, and logistics transportation. All these need the cold chain. So for the cold chain company, they owned the refrigerated units trucks, and vans.

No matter for city transportation, or logistics. The refrigerated storage unit trucks will help you.

The following cold chain products are very popular:

Fruits and vegetables
All fresh foods
Floral market
Dairy products
How to transport ice cream and other confectionary treats
Pharma products
Meat market
Seafood market

So no matter small truck or medium truck. Snewang may offer different types of refrigerated units for them. You only need to tell us your truck information, we will offer you the best solution for your cold chain business.


For the units, we have the units for all-electric, integrated machines, or direct drive to meet your different trucks and requirements.

No matter what your truck volume is, you can always find the best refrigeration solution to fit your vehicle.

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