Rent Refrigerated Box Trucks

Refrigerator Trucks may also be known as “reefer” trucks can be a Box Truck or van with a refrigeration unit installed. Intended to haul perishable goods relatively short distances, they typically have a day cab.

Refrigerated Truck Front End Design and Construction

Aerodynamic front-end design, and a heavy-duty plastic dormer move air and water away from your refrigerated truck body, while folding steps and a strategically-positioned grab handle provide easy service-access to the refrigeration unit. Patented poly-tuff corners offer enhanced durability in areas that are often vulnerable to dents and dings that can allow air and water to infiltrate the cargo area.

Refrigerated Truck Body Rear Frame Design and Construction

Temperature differences inside and outside of your refrigerated body make moisture a constant concern. That’s why Morgan protects your investment by using corrosion-resistant stainless steel in areas where air exchange is greatest – such as the rear frame header. Morgan also helps to protect your team with a rain deflector at the rear, and strategically-positioned grab handles at both the curb and roadside.

Morgan also offers a variety of options, including rear view cameras, and custom lighting to enhance safety and accommodate your specific needs.

Refrigerated Truck Door Configurations and Options

Standard refrigerated truck body features such as Morgan’s standard rear rollup door, and full-perimeter thermal breaks on all doors, help to mitigate passive heat transfer that can cause temperature fluctuations and negatively impact payload. Optional strip curtains slow temperature changes without impeding ingress and egress. And a variety of door sizes, configurations and placements facilitate easy access to products.

Aluminum Truck Body Wall Construction

Affordability and light weight are key considerations when it comes to selecting aluminum wall construction for your box, straight-truck or van body, because light weight adds up to reduced fuel consumption, and lower operating costs. But light weight doesn’t mean compromised strength when you have Morgan ingenuity built-in!

Extruded aluminum top and bottom rails with 1 3/8″ deep galvanized z-shaped steel vertical posts installed 16″ on-center, provide superior structural support for your truck body and your payload. And the .040″ aluminum skin exceeds industry standards. Aluminum is also corrosion-resistant, making it an excellent choice when it comes to protecting your cargo from the elements.

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