Refrigerated Truck for Carrying Meat

Refrigerated Truck for Carrying Meat solution

Meat is fresh food from an animal. There are lots of ways to stock the meat. But in order to keep the meat safe, and fresh. We will stock them in the Refrigerated warehouse. And if we need to transport the meat from one place to another place. we need to use refrigerated trucks for carrying meat.

A meat refrigeration truck is used to keep meat at a regulated temperature. Especially for long-distance transportation. But lots of the trucks and vans don’t install the refrigerated units.

We Snewang is the manufacturer specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of high-quality transport refrigeration units. Our refrigerated units are suitable for trucks and vans with a box from 3~58 m³.

If you are interested, you can contact us to leave your truck or van size, model, and type. Then we will help you to choose a suitable refrigerated unit for your truck or van.

And pickup trucks are very popular in South Africa for short-distance food delivery usage. So if you have this business, you can check our Snewang model ESR300D and SR200D model for choice.

ESR300D Model:  This model is suitable for the New Energy Vehicle. Can work with the truck box from 3-5m³.

ESR300D Model suitable for the New Energy Vehicle

SR200D model:  fit the pickup truck box 3-6m³ with traditional fuel vehicle. And the temperature range from -18℃~+15℃. Chiller & freezer, available for most pickup trucks, hot sale in South Africa



If you are looking for refrigerated units for your truck, vans, and pickup trucks. Contact Snewang:


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