For many products, refrigerated delivery is not an option, It Is A Must!

Refrigerated delivery trucks have been such an integral part of the supply chain, that it’s impossible to imagine life without the products they transport.
Later with the creation of the interstate highway system, refrigerated transportation of goods became and continues to be an important aspect of perishable and temperature-sensitive products.

The cold chain as it is known is the method and process of transporting products while ensuring they remain fresh, kept from deterioration, and lost their value.
The global trade of perishable items has increased in the past years causing a larger demand for quick transportation.
This is not only true for food, such as produce, meat, and dairy, but also for other sensitive items such as medical products and pharmaceuticals.

Delivering temperature and time-sensitive goods like flowers, bakery, and dairy products, frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, and even goods that require dual temperature settings during transport, are all made easier with a refrigerated solution from Snewang.


Refrigerated delivery trucks

Many businesses are looking to add more fuel-efficient vehicles to their urban delivery fleet and auto manufacturers provide a wide range of options for the growing van market.
Reefers, as they are called, were initially used on straight trucks, semis, or tractor-trailers.
And now today’s refrigerated delivery vans are designed with utility, safety, and the optimal cargo-carrying capacity in mind.

Why snewang TRUCK REFRIGERATION units?

Choosing the right reefer system for your refrigerated delivery truck or van can be overwhelming. Snewang offers several types of refrigeration units to meet your distribution needs. Whether it’s a fleet or a single delivery van, our refrigeration systems perform consistently. Your confidence is assured in knowing your fresh and frozen goods are safe and kept at the perfect temperature by reliable snewang refrigeration units.


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