Electric Refrigerated unit for 100% electric chilled vans

Why Choose An Electric Refrigerated Van?

If reducing your carbon footprint is important to you and your business, you’ve probably considered an electric fridge van. Unlike a hybrid, an electric vehicle runs without any diesel or petrol, greatly reducing the emissions you produce.

Alongside being great for the environment, an electric refrigerated van is also great for your wallet. They generally have lower running costs and reduced taxes for both businesses and private use. There are also grants and scrappage schemes available to people looking to make the change to an electric vehicle – it’s definitely worth your while to consider.

The upcoming introduction of the ULEZ looks to clean up the air quality in London. Sanctions will be placed on owners of vans that aren’t Euro 6 compliant, which will be costly. To go one step further, a Kangoo ZE or e-NV200 are great alternatives to diesel and can dramatically reduce pollutants as they have no emissions at all.

Ultimately, a diesel van will always win when it comes to door-opening efficiency, but if you don’t need the 5-10 an hour, an electric van will suit you nicely.


All-Electric Refrigerated Units Maximum reliability and Consistent performance.

ESR300 All-Electric Refrigerated Units
ESR300 All-Electric Refrigerated Units

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