Transportation Seafood by Refrigerated Vehicles

Using refrigerated vehicles to transport the seafood will keep the food fresh and frozen. In order to ensure high-quality fish, and seafood. There are lots of vans and trucks equipped with the refrigerated unit system.

Refrigerated Vehicles for the Transportation of Fish

Refrigerated Vehicles for the Transportation of Fish

There are some factors that should be concerned. Long lifespan, efficient handling, reliable temperature control, and so on.

In these years, we have sold lots of refrigerated unit systems for different size vans and trucks.

And some vehicles are used for transporting fresh and frozen fish and seafood. We have collected a lot of very detailed experience in the development and manufacturing of refrigerated vehicles. Now We Snewang is able to produce tailor-made refrigerated units for vans and trucks even in mid-range or larger numbers.

With Snewang refrigerated Units, you can rely on a lot of advantages.

  1. With high-quality materials and accessories to offer durable refrigerated units for your trucks and vans.
  2. Offers Digital display. The temperature in ℃or℉; return air; configuration parameters and alarms
  3. Safety devices: low and high refrigerant pressure protection; thermal protection
  4. Extra-flat evaporator with inner grooved copper tube; micro-channel parallel flow condenser
  5. Wide range of temperature control(-30°C~+30°C);
  6. Best after-sales service.


If you have a plan to transportation seafood by refrigerated vehicles, you can choose Snewang Refrigerated units. We would be more than pleased to assist you and look forward to hearing from you.

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    1. Hi Ismael,
      Sorry for the delayed reply!
      We are the manufacturer specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of high-quality transport refrigeration units.
      May I know which unit or which model of your truck and van? We will recommend suitable refrigerated units for you!


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