Roof-Mounted refrigerated units are designed for compact to high-top vans. If you are looking for refrigerated units for your truck or van, and want to install them at the top.

Snewang is a professional manufacturer of transport refrigeration units in China. Also we have the Roof-Mounted refrigerated units for your different kinds of truck and vans.
Our refrigerated units apply to all kinds of small and large refrigeration vans and electric vehicles.
Many businesses are looking to add smaller more fuel-efficient vehicles to their delivery fleet.  From a small cargo van to a high roof extended wheel base van, we have you covered with a wide selection of rooftop refrigeration units for vans, available for medium or low temperatures.


For new energy vehicles that want to install refrigeration equipment, We have models like ESR300D and ESR350D. These models are suitable for pure trams vehicles. Use the new energy compressor. and keep the temperature range from -20℃ to 30℃.

These van refrigerated units are used for mid-sized sprinter / Ford vans, and other medium-sized refrigerated vans for transporting fresh, chilled & frozen food in temperate climates with container volumes of 3~10m³.

Worried about how to select the correct refrigeration unit?

It is important to select the proper transport refrigeration unit. There are two factors you need to consider:

1, The volume of the truck

2, The temperature of food usage.

Please refer to the selection guide for the technical information or please contact us by e-mail. We will help you to choose the correct refrigeration unit according to your use.

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