From Chengdu to Spain: a panda’s “ice-cold” journey

Recently, we witnessed an unusual journey – a lovely panda departed from Chengdu and took a special flight to Spain. An indispensable role in this journey is the refrigerated truck and its chiller system from Zhengzhou Xueyuan Intelligent Technology Co.

As China’s national treasure, the panda has attracted a lot of attention on each of its cross-country trips. This time, in order to make sure that the panda stays comfortable and healthy during the long journey, we chose a refrigerated truck equipped with the Xueyuan Zilian chiller system for transportation.

Chengdu: Home of the Panda

Chengdu is the hometown of pandas and has the world’s largest captive breeding panda base. In order to ensure that the pandas could arrive in Spain smoothly, we carefully planned this transportation task. From choosing the right transportation vehicle to making a detailed transportation plan, every link was strictly controlled.

Second, Snow Source Smart Link Chiller System: The Perfect Combination of Technology and Comfort

In this transportation, we chose the chiller system of Zhengzhou Xueyuan Zhilian Technology Co. The system adopts advanced refrigeration technology, which is able to maintain a constant temperature inside the compartment under extreme climatic conditions. At the same time, its intelligent control system is able to monitor the temperature, humidity and other parameters in the compartment in real time, ensuring that the pandas are always in a comfortable environment during transportation.

Third, full monitoring: ensuring the safety of the panda

During the transportation process, we monitor the panda’s status throughout the whole process. Through the cameras and sensors installed on the refrigerated trucks, we are able to understand the panda’s condition in real time and adjust the environmental parameters in the trucks at any time. In addition, we have a team of professional veterinarians ready to respond to any emergencies that may arise.

Successful arrival: welcome to Spain

After a long journey, the panda finally arrived in Spain. At the airport, it was warmly welcomed by the local people. This successful transportation not only demonstrated the excellent performance of the Xueyuan Zhilian chiller system, but also added a new chapter to the friendship between China and Spain.

V. Conclusion

The Panda trip from Chengdu to Spain is not only a cross-country transportation challenge, but also an embodiment of the perfect combination of technology and comfort. With its excellent performance and intelligent control system, the Xueyuan Smartlink chiller system created a safe and comfortable environment for the panda. We believe that in the days to come, SnowSource will continue to contribute to the global cold chain logistics industry.

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