Electric-Powered Reefer Units

As truck manufacturers and suppliers begin to move toward electric-powered vehicles and components, the same trend is emerging for trailer refrigeration.

Suppliers of transport refrigeration units are quickly moving down this path as they design and test prototypes and introduce some of the industry’s first electric products.

These developments have been driven by customer demand for increased efficiency and lower maintenance costs, and by emerging regulations which would ban diesel exhaust emissions from reefer units.

Snewang ESR-series offers refrigeration systems with all-electric standby capability when parked for loading or unloading.

Snewang ESR350D All-Electric Refrigerated Units
Snewang ESR350D All-Electric Refrigerated Units

When electric standby is used, engine run-time is reduced, helping to extend maintenance intervals. Another advantage of electric standby capability is that when a reefer trailer is parked for loading, unloading or staging, it can be operated via an electric power source, providing full refrigeration capacity while eliminating noise and emissions from the refrigeration unit and saving fuel.And use of electric standby also reduces operating costs by 40-70%, depending on the cost of fuel.

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