Discover the future of mobility at the Hannover Transport Show

Dear colleagues in the transport industry.

As technology continues to advance, the transport industry is witnessing unprecedented changes and innovations. We would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming Hannover Messe to explore the unlimited possibilities of the future of mobility!

Date: [2024.9.17-9.22]
Venue: [Hannover Messe, Germany]
Booth: [Hall 22 D44].
As one of the world’s leading transport exhibitions, Transport Hannover will present you with the most cutting-edge transport technologies and innovations. Whether you come from the automotive manufacturing industry, the logistics industry, the intelligent mobility sector or the emerging e-mobility industry, there will be a wide variety of presentations and events for you.

During the exhibition you will have the opportunity to:

Explore the latest transport technology: learn about the latest electric vehicle technology, intelligent transport systems, driverless technology, etc., and experience first-hand the charm of future transport.

Expand your business network: Expand your business network by networking and collaborating with transport professionals, entrepreneurs and technology innovators from around the world.

Attend professional seminars and lectures: Listen to industry leaders and experts discuss the trends and future direction of the transport industry.

Explore business opportunities: find partners, investment opportunities and jointly promote the innovation and development of the transport industry.

We are confident that Hannover Messe Transport will bring you unprecedented rewards and experiences that will help you get a head start on the future of mobility!

Please make sure to save your ticket and visit us at the exhibition for a friendly chat. We look forward to exploring the future of mobility with you!

We cordially invite.

[Zhengzhou Xueyuan Smart Technology Co.]

[Qu Wei]


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