Advantages of Refrigeration Unit

Refrigeration unit may be defined as a process of removing heat from a substance and pumping it to the surroundings. It also includes the process of maintaining and reducing the temperature of a body below the general temperature of its surroundings.

Advantages of Refrigeration System:
The Advantages of Refrigeration are as follows.

The basic advantage of air refrigeration is the working substance which is always available in the atmosphere.
The refrigerant (air) is free of cost and the system is simple to understand.
The refrigerant keeps the container cool by breaking the bacterial involvement.
There is no danger of fire due to the leakage of refrigerant from the pipes(if any).
Disadvantages of Refrigeration System:
The Disadvantages of Refrigeration System are as follows.

The running cost of the refrigeration is high because the Coefficient of Performance(C.O.P) is very low.
Per One Tonne of refrigeration, the quantity of refrigerant used is high compared to other systems.
In Environment, as the air contains moisture which can affect the danger of frosting at the valves.
Applications of Refrigeration System:
The applications of Refrigeration System are as follows.

Refrigeration is extensively used for increasing the storage life of perishable items especially food products, vegetables, fruits, milk, beverages, chilling of water, ice formation, etc.

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