Types of Refrigeration Units for Trucks (Transport Refrigeration)

Types of Refrigeration Units for Trucks include Direct Drive Units and Self Contained Units.

Direct Drive Units

These units are usually opted for smaller vehicles with box size upto 8 feet length

These are split units with a nose mounted (above driver cabin) external Condenser & ceiling suspended Indoor Cooling unit (Evaporator)

The compressor is mounted on the vehicle’s engine and draws power from the engine via a belt drive.

Some models offer an option of a Electric standby which has an extra Compressor in the Condensing unit which operates on standard electrical supply when the vehicle engine if not running.


Self Contained Units

These units are opted for all bigger vehicles with box size 12 feet and above. Units available are suitable upto 40 feet length of boxes

These are Single piece nose mounted units. The units are self contained with its own Diesel Engine to drive the Compressor. Electrical standby is also a standard option with a single Compressor being driven by the Diesel engine or the electric motor as per requirement.

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