Snewang Electric Reefer Solutions ESR300D

Success in the cold storage industry has never been more challenging. Global competition, stricter regulations for low emissions, unpredictable fuel prices. To stay ahead, you need to take advantage of innovations that can give you an edge, innovations that provide solutions …Electric Reefer Solutions.

All-electric stationary refrigeration units for the cold storage industry. Consider these advantages:

  • Zero-emission solutions that meet the toughest air quality regulations, including the TRUs In-use Performance Requirements from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).
  • Much quieter operation over traditional diesel units.
  • Flexibility to meet the wide variety of cold-storage challenges — from temporary on-site storage to distribution centers and for trucks.

ESR-300D cooler is suitable for pure electric bread refrigerated trucks. The condenser is installed on the top and the evaporator is installed inside. The refrigeration unit is beautiful in appearance, large in cooling capacity, safe and reliable.

ESR300D All-Electric Refrigerated Units
ESR300D All-Electric Refrigerated Units


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