How Much Does it Cost to add Refrigeration to a Van?

Florists, bakers, and grocers alike can benefit from adding refrigeration to their vans. But how expensive is it? The success of your business is important, so you need to know how much it costs to add refrigeration to a van.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Van Refrigeration System?

Adding refrigeration to a van can be a great way to ensure your goods stay fresh during transportation. Van refrigeration systems, or reefer units, can be pricey but are worth the cost. Installing a reefer unit in your current van instead of buying a new refrigerated van can save you a significant amount of money. Costs will depend on the model of your reefer unit and whether it is used or new.

Regardless of the kind of refrigeration system you purchase, it will cost several thousands of dollars. A used reefer unit will be cheaper upfront. However, you may require more repairs over time. These costs can add up and quickly exceed the price of a new van refrigeration system.

New reefer units for vans can cost upwards of $3,000. While that may seem like a hefty investment, these units can last longer and work better than used systems.

How Much Does It Cost to Insulate Your Refrigerated Van?

For reefer units to work properly, your van may have to get insulated. When you buy a refrigerated van, it is already insulated and affixed with a reefer unit. Converting an average van into a refrigerated one takes some extra steps. Although insulation is an added expense, the project’s total cost can still be cheaper than purchasing an already refrigerated van.

It isn’t too expensive to use a professional service to insulate your vehicle. Insulating your van by yourself may be cheaper but less effective. Properly insulating your refrigerated van is important so that you can better regulate the temperature. The entire cost of adding refrigeration to your van can be about $6,000, and insulation should cost less than half of the total amount.

Remember, already refrigerated vans are extremely expensive, so converting a normal van should be more affordable.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Van Refrigeration System?

While buying a reefer unit can be expensive, installing it shouldn’t be. The process is relatively quick, especially when done by skilled professionals. It’s worth using a service with experience adding refrigeration to a van. That way, you can have a well-refrigerated van that meets the needs of your business.

Although the cost of installation can vary, it should come nowhere near the cost of the reefer unit.

Again, the installation cost will depend on your specific refrigeration unit and any insulation needs. However, it can be affordable when you use a reliable service that offers transparent pricing. It’s safest to entrust refrigerating your van to professionals with experience. If your reefer unit is installed properly, you’ll save money on repairs in the long run.

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When you need to add refrigeration to your van, it’s best to have a product that is reliable and not expensive. This way your business can make more money.

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