For pure electric vehicle air conditioning system

Product features

  1. Lightweight design: The product adopts lightweight design and is more than 20kg lighter than other products in the industry.
  2. More energy-saving: the condensing fan, evaporation fan, and compressor are all intelligently controlled, saving more than 20% energy.
  3. More efficient: The refrigerant flow intelligent control system cools down quickly and is always in the high-efficiency range.
  4. More reliable: multiple protections for high and low pressure, exhaust temperature, overcurrent and overvoltage.
  5. Electrical safety: High-voltage protection grade IP67, multiple insulation protection to ensure electrical safety.
  6. Longer life: core components imported brushless fans, Danfoss valves, Inovance DC-DC, DC scroll compressors

They are all internationally renowned brands and are more reliable and have a longer lifespan.

  1. The CAN bus control system can communicate with the bus control system and can also realize remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and

software upgrade.




Parameters of A/C
 Model EKTS-07
Type cold and warm
A/C Type  Double return air,double


 Drive type electric
Rated cooling capacity 45KW
Heating capacity 40KW(Optional)
 PTC Heating capacity 16KW(Optional, used for heating below -10℃)
Refrigeration electric


Electric power of

heat pump

 Fresh air volume 2000m3/h
Roof unit size LxWxH(mm) 3180*1900*290
 Unit weight ≤290Kg
Refrigerant R407c
High voltage range DC380V~DC750V
Control voltage DC24V (20V-32V)
 Voltage conversion Air conditioner comes with 3KW DC-DC
Precharge module Air conditioner with

compressor precharging circuit

Insulation characteristics ≥20MΩ

(when the system is running)

 Grounding resistance ≤0.1Ω
Compressor DC vortex
 Expansion valve 2-way electronic

expansion valve (Danfoss)

 Blower Brushless fan
 Evaporator Air flow 8000m3/h
 Evaporator core Copper tube aluminum sheet
 Fan Brushless fan
 Condenser air volume 12000m3/h
Condenser core Copper tube aluminum sheet
Control panel Digital display Digital
 Control mode CAN control


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