Bus Air Conditioner EKTD-03B

Moreover, the stable quality electric air conditioner as well as its its safety precautions, which make it can adapt any kinds of road condition and weather, we guarantee the highest comfort for drivers and passengers, with maximum cooling efficiency and minimum operating cost.






1. No need install mechanical compressor feed by engine.

2. Monoblock type, Easy installation.

3. Connect to battery directly.

4. 100% presser test and electric test

5. Imported evaporator fan Spal, Chaoli is optional, Air volume:600-800 m3/h; and lifespan is about 5,000 hours

6. Reasonable layout of pipe, it’s convenient for testing.

7. Customized 12V and 24V compressor with brushless motor&3 different speeds to meet different applications, have been proved in market for 8 years.

8. Specifized customized thick wire is low-resistance and anti-electro magnetic interference can endure heavy current.




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