BTMS-300–Battery Thermal Management System

BTMS-300 Technical Parameters

Working environment temperature -15~60℃ Low-voltage maximum power 2600w
Applicable water circuit structure series and parallel refrigeration average input power (kW) ≤4.5kw frequency adjustable
Flow resistance parameters Designed flow resistance: less than 0.3bar at 30L/min Compressor 74cm3 /rev hermetic scroll compressor
Refrigeration capacity 30kw Refrigerant R407c
Minimum inlet temperature 13℃ (customized according to battery system) Condensing air volume 12000m³/h (100Pa air pressure)
Control mode CAN control Interface specification Φ38MM
Designed practical life not less than 20000h Protection class IP67
High voltage range DC350-750V Dimensions L2277*W602*H291mm
Control voltage range 18-32V Weight <55kg
High-voltage input power ≤9.5KW Coolant 45:55 Water:Glycol
Optional heater high-pressure maximum power 14kw water pump head 24 meters






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