BTMS-050C-Battery Thermal Management System

The working modes of the battery thermal management system are divided into cooling mode, heating mode and thermal balance mode

The control mode is divided into BMS control mode and automatic control mode.
● BMS control mode
The battery thermal management system fully obeys the instructions of the BMS, including working mode, cooling or heating power and the setting of antifreeze target temperature, which are controlled by the BMS by transmitting communication information.
●Automatic control mode.
The battery thermal management system according to the maximum and minimum temperatures, charging status and discharge status of the battery sent by the BMS. Automatically evaluating the operating mode, cooling or heating power and target temperature setting of the antifreeze.

BTMS-050C Technical parameter
Temperature range -15~60℃ Low voltage maximum power 500W
Applicable waterway structure series-parallel Refrigeration average input electric power(kW) ≤2.3kw Frequency conversion adjustable
Flow resistance parameters Design flow resistance:20L/min <0.3bar Compressor 27cm3 /rev Fully enclosed scroll compressor
Refrigeration capacity 5kw Refrigerant R134a
Minimum water inlet temperature 13℃(Customizable according to battery system Condensing air volume 2000m³/h(100Pa风压)
Control method CAN Interface specifications Φ25MM
Design service life ≥20000h Protection class IP67
High voltage range DC350-750V Dimension 581×410×373mm
Control voltage range 18-32V Weight <37kg
High voltage input power ≤2.3KW Coolant 45:55 water:ethylene glycol
Optional heater high voltage maximum power 4.5kw Water pump head 12m


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