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Are you looking for a high-quality vehicle refrigeration unit that will continue to perform for the upcoming years and decades to come?

SNEWANG’ve innovated some of the most premier quality truck cooling units available in the industry. These units are designed to carry temperature-sensitive cargo for various truck sizes. These units can also be used for cargo vans (engine driven) and trailers. To avoid unnecessary stops, in case you need to make adjustments to the temperature, our refrigeration units offer full control from the convenience of the cab.

Industries Who Need Refrigeration Units

While there are a large number of products that do not require temperature-controlled environments when being transported, there are quite a few that require it. Vehicle refrigeration units are necessary for foodservice distribution, pharmaceutical companies, medical supplies, rare art pieces, and several more. It is imperative high-functioning refrigeration units exist for these industries. SNEWANG’s products preform well above even under the harshest conditions. Even in cases of extreme heat, our units continuously maintain consistent temperatures. 

What Our Models Offer

Our transport refrigeration machines are available for all size vehicles. They provide full temperature control, offering a range from -22˚C(14˚F) to 7˚C(40˚F). So, whether you have frozen perishables or temperature-sensitive items that only require a slightly cooler atmosphere, our units can easily accommodate. We have a variety of mountable condenser unit options which include electric only, vehicle engine powered, and self-contained diesel models. All models are available with multi-zone capabilities. SNEWANG are constantly innovating our technology. The team is always coming up with new ways to reduce energy consumption so that the units lower company expenses while reducing the impact they have on the environment simultaneously. 

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All-electric temperature control for chilled, frozen and pharma products.
ESR-Series is our all-electric unit range delivering outstanding refrigeration capacity for small trucks and vans. Because no compressor is needed in the engine compartment, your vehicle can operate its original AC system.

The ESR-Series is ideal for use in noise sensitive areas. The units are powered by the vehicle battery and conveniently controlled from the driver’s seat by the SNEWANG Smart Reefer controller.

The SNEWANG SR-Series offers a range of highly flexible and most reliable solutions for vans and trucks, all powered by a road compressor and an electric power supply.

These superior temperature control units guarantee great efficiency and maximum load protection combined with advanced features.

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Snewang is focused on keeping transported food and perishables safe and fresh; delivering efficient and reliable small transportation solutions; heating, cooling and automating homes and buildings; and enhancing industrial productivity.


  1. Tailor-made: We have a variety of types of truck chiller units, including high-voltage electric refrigeration units, integrated electric standby refrigeration units, and fuel refrigeration units. Our custom refrigeration solutions are direct drive which means our solutions are powered by the vehicle’s engine,the truck The refrigeration unit becomes an integrated and more reliable transporting tools, and delivers the dependability needed to efficiently transport the goods. During the course of use, the fridge unit for truck has 1-year warranty and Provide free parts replacement service.
  2. Shipping time: By ship is generally about 20-35 days, 40 days is the longest time limit.
  3. Temperature control:Our direct drive refrigeration system can maintain the ideal constant temperature during the transportation of cold chain products, to achieve continuous fresh or frozen storage.
  4. Refrigeration performance: simple and convenient, the truck reefer unit is specially designed for long-distance refrigerated transportation and is durable.


We can provide customers with installation drawings of front-mounted truck refrigeration units, and guide users to install and use.

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