Refrigeration Units for Cargo Vans, Food Trucks, & Temperature Controlled Trailers.

SNEWANG has been proudly manufacturing in China for over 30 years. As a manufacturer of direct drive van and truck refrigeration systems, we offer a solution to fit your needs, whether than means a refrigerated food truck, temperature controlled trailer, or refrigeration units for cargo vans! To arrive fresh, products need precise and constant temperature control during transportation. Our line of Truck Refrigeration products has been continuously updated and improved to meet the requirements of today’s competitive markets.


We provide our customers with instructions for the installation and use of the van chiller unit. After receiving the van freezer unit, the customer can choose to install and use it according to the instructions. SNEWANG provides customized service, fulfilling all your demands and needs,van reefer refrigeration unit, exported to the world.

In the cold chain supply chain, truck refrigeration unit have been such an integral part of the supply chain, that it’s impossible to imagine life without the truck reefer unit transport.

As we all know, using the refrigeration unit is the only way to maintain freshness, prevent deterioration, and maintain value during the transportation of products. As the global cold chain transportation trade increases year by year, and customers continue to demand refrigerated products With the increase, the refrigeration unit for truck has become more and more popular with customers. With the fast cooling effect and excellent storage performance, the truck freezer unit is the first choice for refrigerated transportation.

In the long-distance transportation process, the refrigeration unit for truck can be applied to agricultural products, meat and dairy products, fresh seafood, baked products, etc., as well as other sensitive items such as medical products and medicines. To avoid and solve the problem of deterioration and deterioration caused by stored products during long-distance transportation, the refrigeration units we provide have a variety of classifications, which are more convenient to use. As long as the user provides the truck model of the stored product, you can find a suitable truck refrigeration unit.


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