SR200/SR300 truck Refrigeration Units

Snewang SR200/SR300 is an front split installation, which is suitable for traditional fuel Micro truck with a volume of 5m³-9m³, and the temperature control range is -18℃~+15℃.

Snewang truck refrigeration unit SR200/SR300 is specially designed for traditional oil-fired refrigerated truck, which suitable for box volumes of 5-9m³, with a temperature range of -18℃~+15℃. The product has the advantages of strong refrigeration capacity, lightweight design, accurate temperature control and double-drive power for the unit. Reliable compressors, control valves, and electrical components increase the service life and stability of the unit.

Technical parameter

Applicable volume5-7m³6-9m³
Temperature range-18℃~+15℃-18℃~+15℃
Refrigerating capacity0/+3025603150
Refrigerant charge1.2kg1.5kg
CondenserSize mm (length * width * height)870*513*270870*513*270
Condensing fanQuantity11
Total air volume1800m³/h1800m³/h
EvaporatorSize mm (length * width * height)611*522*1821042*514*156
Evaporation fanQuantity12
Total air volume800m³/h1600m³/h

Note: Voltage is optional

Snewang Small Van Refrigeration Units Product Features

  1. The evaporator adopts aluminum alloy shell, high strength and corrosion resistance;
  2. The condenser shell is made of ABS thermoplastic environmentally-friendly material, environmentally-friendly and recyclable, bright appearance and good performance.
  3. The heat exchanger’s large volume and High-volume air supply, ensure efficient heat exchange capacity and sufficient cold delivery;
  4. The controller utilizes light-touch temperature and airflow adjustment, has a wide range of temperature adjustment (-25°C to +30°C);
  5. Industry-unique double sealing technology, system leakage is less than 3 g/year, long-term reliable operation without leakage;
  6. The electric control system has multi-channel detection, multiple protection to ensure that the control system is safe and reliable;
  7. U.S. AMP/Delphi waterproof connector, pulling force greater than 180N/M, sealing waterproof, eliminate poor contact, thicker wire, high temperature does not heat;
  8. Danish Danfoss (DANFOSS) control valve, precise control, low failure rate;
  9. After-sales service quick response, more than 380 service outlets nationwide for easy maintenance.

Application Cases of Truck Refrigeration Unit


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