Bus Air Conditioner EKTS-05

For cooling capacity from 2.2KW to 2.5KW, Corunclima’s DC electric air conditioner T20B is condenser and evaporator all in one type. It also fits for Earthmoving machinery, Excavators, dumper trucks, tram cabs, Locomotive cabs,Electric Vehicles

Product features
1. Lightweight design: The product adopts lightweight design and is more than 20kg lighter than other products in the industry.
2. More energy-saving: the condensing fan, evaporation fan, and compressor are all intelligently controlled, saving more than 20% energy.
3. More efficient: The refrigerant flow intelligent control system cools down quickly and is always in the high-efficiency range.
4. More reliable: multiple protections for high and low pressure, exhaust temperature, overcurrent and overvoltage.
5. Electrical safety: High-voltage protection grade IP67, multiple insulation protection to ensure electrical safety.
6. Longer life: core components imported brushless fans, Danfoss valves, Xinrui DC-DC, DC scroll compressors, etc. are all internationally renowned
Brand, more reliable and longer life.
7. The CAN bus control system can communicate with the bus control system and can also achieve remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and software upgrades.


1. Run directly on DC electric batteries.

2. No need install mechanical compressor feed by engine.

3. More cooling

4. Easy installation, Monoblock type.

5. Connect to battery directly.


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