Ordinary air conditioner

Safe and reliable

Energy efficient

Compact and refined

Easy maintenance

Product features

■The bottom shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and is lightweight.

■The evaporation core adopts high-efficiency internally threaded copper tube.

■The condenser adopts micro-channel parallel flow core.

■High torque clutch.

■Batch loading for the global market, stable and reliable.

■Unique two-stage sealing structure, the joints will not leak.

■CAN bus control system can communicate with the bus control system, and can also realize remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and software upgrade.



Main technical parameters of the system


Refrigeration capacity: 27KW

Refrigerant: R134a

Compressor displacement: 425cc/r

System standard filling capacity: 7kg

Current: ≤80A

Evaporation air volume: 4000m3/h (24VDC)

Condensing air volume: 6000m3/h (24VDC)

Total unit weight: ≤ 140 kg


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